Placing an order

If you live in the Winnipeg area you are welcome to call me at 837-7465 to set up a time to come and view the samples that I have on hand. I would love the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss the many options available for personalizing a piece for you or someone special in your life.

For those outside of Manitoba you can either e-mail order@enamouredheart.com or call 1-204-837-7465 with your order information.

The following information will be needed to complete your order. If you like a very specific design then quoting the category and description number will also be helpful.

  1. What letter style you would like - Large or Small Letter Style.
  2. View Products for a letter size comparison.

  3. How many strands you would like.
  4. The names or words you would like and if on multiple strands, the order you would like them to appear. For Mother's and Grandmother's bracelets I usually put the oldest child's name first then so on. As I do not read Hebrew, all Hebrew names or sayings MUST be spelled out reading from left to right (like the English language) with birthstone colour placement being clearly identified to ensure the correct layout of letters and colours.
  5. If ordering a two name single strand bracelet there is an option of a heart or daisy block bead for the center to separate the names.
  6. What colours of Swarovski crystals or pearls you would like (if any).
  7. View What are the birthstone colours.

  8. What charm you would like (option to choose if ordering bracelets in the following categories: Adult Faith, Encouragement, Grad & Soriority, Pets and Message Beads).
  9. View Charms.

  10. What clasp style you would like (applicable to large Letter Style single strands only).
  11. View Clasps for your choice of either a Bali heart toggle or a heart lobster clasp.

  12. A wrist measurement or a finished bracelet size that you would like.
  13. View What size do I order.

  14. The date you require the item(s).

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The Enamoured Heart prides itself in using the finest quality sterling silver components in its designs. All personalized jewelry is made with premium sterling silver block letter beads that come in two different sizes. The Large Letter Style items feature chunky fun 5.6 mm block beads and the Small Letter Style items feature delicate soft-edged 4.5 mm rounded block letter beads.

All personalized items are priced as follows. (For all other items pricing is given on the product's pages besides the appropriate photos).

Ladies items:

  1. Large Letter Style bracelets: $55 Cdn per strand.
  2. View Large Letter Style

  3. Small Letter Style bracelets: $45 Cdn per strand.
  4. View Small Letter Style

  5. Large Letter Style Hebrew Letter bracelets: $70 Cdn per strand. Greek Letter Bracelets: $60 Cdn per strand.
  6. View Hebrew & Greek Letters

  7. Large Letter Style and Small Letter Style necklaces: 16" - $60 Cdn. Add $5 for every 2" of additional length required.
  8. View Women's Necklaces

  9. Small Letter Style Anklets: $50 Cdn

Mens items:

  1. Large Letter Style bracelets: $25 Cdn.
  2. View Father's Bracelets

  3. Large Letter Style leather necklaces: $20 Cdn.
  4. View Men's or Unisex Necklaces

Children's items:

  1. Girls - Small Letter Style bracelets: $40 Cdn (up to size 6.75").
  2. View Childrens Bracelets

  3. Girls - Small Letter Style necklaces: 14" - $55 Cdn. Add $5 for every 2" of additional length required.
  4. View Childrens Necklaces

  5. Boy's - Large Letter Style leather necklaces: $20 Cdn.
  6. View Childrens Necklaces

*All prices include 5 letters or symbols with additional letters and symbols for $3 Cdn each. Additional Hebrew and Greek letters are $4 each.

*Taxes and shipping are extra if applicable.

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Payment Options

For all local orders, cash and cheques are the preferred forms of payment.

However, all are welcome to purchase from The Enamoured Heart with confidence using PayPal as a vehicle to use your favourite credit card or PayPal account to pay for the item you want. 128-bit encryption ensures that your data remains secure and private. Visit the PayPal Security Centre for more information and tips on making your online shopping experience more secure.

Please note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this option.

Once you have decided on the exact item that you would like, I will notify you by email the amount of your total purchase including shipping and taxes (if applicable). An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal where you can give your credit card number or PayPal account number on their secure site. Once the funds have been transferred and your item is finished, it will be shipped out.

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As every item is custom designed, most items will be available to pick up or ship within 5-7 days. However, Hebrew and Greek letters are not kept in stock so have to be special ordered. These orders are typically ready to ship or be picked up within 14 days. If you have a special occasion and need a rush delivery, I will do my very best to accommodate your timelines.

For all orders outside of Winnipeg, once I receive all your information I will quote you a price including applicable taxes and shipping. Your item will be made and ready to ship once your payment has been received and verified.

All items are shipped via Canada Post. The following rates are approximate and can be verified once your postal code or zip code is given.

Xpresspost within Canada West of Thunder Bay: $10.00 Cdn plus taxes. Delivery: 1-3 business days.

Xpresspost within Canada East of Thunder Bay: $12.00 Cdn plus taxes. Delivery: 2-3 business days.

Small packet service within the USA: $10.00 Cdn. Delivery: 7-10 business days.

Small packet service outside of North America: to be quoted at time of order. Delivery: minimum 7-14 days business days.

Note: For all shipments outside of Canada, customers are responsible for any applicable taxes, customs or duties charged upon entry into their own country.

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All items will be shipped in a white organza bag with a care card that has instructions as to how to care for your item.

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