Home Parties

If you live in the Winnipeg area, why not host a party in the relaxed intimate setting of your own home and let The Enamoured Heart bring its personalized line of jewelry to you and your friends!

Each party would be hosted with an open house format within a 3 hour time frame. I would arrive 30-45 minutes before the guests arrive to set up my display. Once guests arrive there would be no formal presentation but rather a relaxing environment where they would be invited to browse, try on and discuss the various ways that an item could be personalized and customized specifically for them.

The intention is for the party to be easy and fun for the hostess. There need not be a lot of preparation on your part as I will do nearly all the work at the actual party. All you may want to consider providing is coffee and dessert or wine and cheese for your guests then just socializing and enjoying shopping with your friends and earning your free jewelry!

Hostess Package:

*At least two people besides the hostess must purchase jewelry for it to be considered a party, and the combined guest total for purchases must be at least $100 (before tax) for the hostess package to kick in.

If the above conditions are met, then the hostess will receive a $25 gift certificate to spend at her jewelry home party.

The hostess is then also eligible to earn credit equaling 10% of her guests' purchases (before tax) for sales between $100 and $699, and 15% of her guests' purchases (before tax) for sales in excess of $700. (These guest totals do not include the hostess's purchases).

Also, I would be pleased to offer the hostess another $10 gift certificate for each party booked that night which would be redeemable at or after these parties take place.


Usually only about half of the people invited actually come to a jewelry home party. So with that in mind, try to invite 20+ people. I will supply the invitations so all you have to do is invite people personally and hand them out. Don't forget the person at soccer practice, school, work, church, or any clubs you might belong to. I can also supply an electronic invitation that can be emailed to potential guests complete with pictures so that people can see the product ahead of time. It is best that guests receive their invitations two weeks before the party to ensure enough time for them to book off an evening.

The #1 way to ensure a successful party:

Call each person the day before the party to remind them to come and bring a friend! This is a great way to touch base with those who haven't committed yet or to remind those who wanted to attend but had forgotten the date.

Traveling Jewelry Parties

Consider taking a jewelry home party on the road to your workplace! If you are able to get permission you can be hostess to a lunch-hour or break time jewelry show. The above hostess package applies. For top sales when doing a traveling jewelry party like this, it is best to plan the party for the company's payday or before a gift-giving holiday.

Excellent places for a traveling party like this are schools (like after-school jewelry parties for teachers and staff), the lobby of large business complexes or hospitals, and active retirement communities.

For further inquiries about home parties contact info@enamouredheart.com

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