The Enamoured Heart custom designs personalized keepsake jewelry to help celebrate, encourage or honour special people or moments in our lives. Whether it is to celebrate a new birth in the family, encourage a friend going through a tough time, or to honour a loved one who has passed on, all items are hand crafted to be unique and sentimental gifts with deep and personal meaning.

The Enamoured Heart prides itself in using the finest quality sterling silver components in its designs. All personalized jewelry is made with premium sterling silver block letter beads that come in two different sizes. The Large Letter Style items feature chunky fun 5.6 mm block beads and the Small Letter Style items feature delicate soft-edged 4.5 mm rounded block letter beads.

Comparison of Large Letter Style and Small Letter Style.

Accenting beads include sterling silver smooth and corrugated round beads and genuine Austrian Swarovski crystal beads or genuine Swarovski pearls and crystal rondelles for all ladies', little girl's, and baby's bracelets and necklaces. Men's and boy's jewelry feature black buffalo horn and amber horn beads. All items are made for durability as they are strung on strands of wire consisting of 49 tiny wires twisted together and nylon coated with breaking strengths of 40 to 65 lbs.

Please use the pictures you see on the following pages to give you ideas as to how you may want to personalize an item for yourself or a special person in your life.

The beauty of customization is that it allows every piece of jewelry to be unique to the wearer. If you see something you like but would like to add your own creative flair, I would welcome the opportunity to incorporate your ideas.

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